ceramics gallery

Newlands Village, Cape town.

What I have listed for sale below is a little sample of some of the work that is available in my gallery currently.  

Please note that each pot is handmade on the potters wheel, I do not use molds. This means each pot is unique, and will have slight variations in glaze surface colour and texture across the different sides of the pot.


If you are interested in buying a piece, please contact me via this website (by clicking on the Enquire button) or through the Contact Page. You can also Whatsapp me on (082) 097 6337 . I am able to email/ Whatsapp you more photos of a particular piece if you would like to see more detail.   


At the moment I can only arrange local delivery, via The Courier Guy. (door to door.) To a majority of  areas across South Africa the cost is R150 inc. packing.

Seed Pod Inspired

these vases were made during lockdown, and are inspired by seed pods! The Larger two are thrown on the potters wheel, then altered. The smaller ones are little pinch pots. They all have up to four different layers of glaze applied to the surface to create their unique surface colours and textures. They do hold water. 

Large Seed Pod Vase R1800

Round Seed Pod Vase R900

Small seed pods R300 each


Custard Apple Vase

This Vase is thrown on the wheel, then carved into to create its textured surface. once it has been biscuit fired, several layers of glaze are applied, giving each one a unique colour and surface finish.

It stands at 20 cm high, 8 cm at the base, the opening is 9cm wide, and it is approx 20 cm at its widest point. 

R 1200

Seed Pod Vessel

this Vessel was also made during lock down. It was thrown on the wheel, then altered.  It has  three different layers of glaze applied to the surface to create unique surface colours and textures. 

The little seed pod vessels alongside are pinched out of a single lump of clay. 

Large seed pod Vessel R1800

Small seed pod Vessels  R300 each

Moon Jar and Mugs 

this large moon jar was also made during lock down. It was thrown on the potters wheel in sections, and has multiple layers of glaze applied.

 It can stand on its own, as well as hold flowers.

The mugs on the shelf above the moon jar are thrown on the wheel, and have layers of glaze creating the green and white stripes. They are dishwasher friendly.

Moon Jar R3400

Mugs R200 each 


Green striped mugs

I make several different types of mugs.


These mugs have green stripes on a matt white background.

As with all handmade objects they vary slightly from mug to mug in size, shape and decoration.

R200 each


Plain white Jug

I make a huge variety of jugs. 


This jug is plain white, glazed in a matt white glaze with a slightly stone like texture. 

It is 16.5 cm high, 10,5 cm wide at the base and 7 cm wide at the rim.


I make this style jug in many sizes, and they range from R120 for the little ones up to R680 for the larger ones. 


Little Bird Jug

This Jug is glazed with a matt, stone like glaze, and has a little bird on the top of the handle. The bird is hand modeled.

It is 12 cm high, inc. the bird. 10 cm high without the bird. 8 cm wide at the base and 5.5 cm wide at the rim.



I make a range of sizes of jugs with birds on their handles, starting at R180 for the smallest up to R700 for the biggest

Stripped Jug

This Jug is glazed with a matt, stone like glaze, and has stripes carved into the surface of the clay. 

It is 13 cm high, 10 cm wide at the base and 6.5 cm wide at the rim.


I make a variety of sizes of these jugs with stripes on, and can be made to order.

Smallest R120 - R700

Lidded jars

These two lidded jars are thrown on the potters wheel. they are glazed with multiple layers of four different glazes to create unique surface texture and colours. They are available individually or as a pair.

The larger top jar is 9 cm tall, 8.4 cm wide at the base and 8 cm on the lid.

R 380 SOLD

the smaller jar pictured t the bottom is 7 cm tall, 8 cm at the base and 8 cm on the lid.


Stripped Mugs

These mugs are glazed in a matt, stone like white glaze. they have stripes carved into the outside surface of the clay.

Approx 12 cm high

R200 each

Off center moon Jar

This Moon jar was made during Lock Down.

The neck is off center from the body of the pot. It was thrown on the potters wheel, and coiled. It is covered in multiple layers of glaze.



Pebble Vases

These little pebble vases are made like little pinch pots. Each one is made by hand, and no two are the same. They each also have their own unique glaze combination!


They have two or three holes in the top for little flowers.


To fill them, simply submerge them in water. 

From R120 - R350